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Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include flmc f2100b cnc controller, hyd-2300b cnc controller, fangling flmc-f2300b cnc controller and jp990mdca-4 axix milling cnc controller.
FLMC F2100B CNC Controller

FLMC F2100B CNC Controller

Rs 48,985  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Operation ModeAutomatic
Display Size7" Inch
Control Axis Mode2
Job MaterialCNC-controllers have build-in automatic plasma height control.
Temperature-10 DegreeC to 60 DegreeC
Type Of CommandPulse/Direction
Max. Input Pulse200kHZ
Command InputPulse
Graphic LibraryHD
Main Supply24V DC
Program Memory Capacity256M to 1GB External Hard Disk
Ram Memory Capacity64MB
1) Monitor: 7 inch 800*600, high definition 16 million colors and high brightness LCD. 2) Memory: 64M SDRAM 3) Memory available for user: 256M or 1G electronic hard disk. 4) System master frequency: 400MHz 5) USB: USB 1.1 front interface 6) Keyboard: electronic PCB foil keyboard 7) Chassis: full-steel structure completely shielded against electromagnetic radiation, interference and static electricity.

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Hyd-2300B CNC Controller

Hyd-2300B CNC Controller

Rs 4,500  / UnitGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Operation ModeAutomatic
Frequency50/60 Hz
Country of OriginMade in India
Model NumberHyd-2300B
1)10.4 inches 1024*768 dots color LCD, USB interface. Man-Machine-Dialog software and Professional Hot Key design for easy cutting operation, user-friendly as Hypertherm s EDGE controller. 2)Multi-language file system and menu, and the menu can be switched only by one key. 3)DSP core can control the machine move in high speed accurately, stably and in low noise.  4) Long-distance remote control can control the machine to move forward ,backward, left, right and cutting start, stop and so on (optional configuration). 5) Support the EIA code (G code) and various FastCAM,FreeNest,SmartNest,IBE softwares. 6) compact keyboard design and easy to input files. 7) Operations such as Proportion Zoom, Rotate, Mirror, Array display, Steel plate angle adjust all available and have professional solution in the CNC controller. 8) Coordinate system can be customized to support the two-dimensional coordinates of all eight kinds. 9) All input and output port type and the number can be customized (normally open or normally closed) 10) System Self-diagnosis for easy trouble-shooting. 11) all functions and techniques can upgrade online 12) Import and export files by single or all files. 13)   Support the Flame, Plasma, Dusting draw and Demonstration four kinds of mode. 14)  Flame and Plasma are separated in the control IO ports. 15)   Support THC, two level preheat, three level pierce in flame mode. 16)  Plasma arc feedback, positioning feedback, automatically shut down the arc at the corner. 17)  Support edge cutting. It can save the preheat time for the thick steel plate. 18) Movement speed can be real-time acceleration, deceleration. 19) According to plate thickness, the cutting speed is automatically restricted by a speed limit in the corner, effectively preventing over burn. 20)Dynamic/static illustration of the process, graphics zoom in / out, dynamically tracking cut-off point under zooming state. 21)Automatically memorize the working situation and the last cutting point when power off. 22) "Cutting offset" function can avoid waste the steel plate when the nesting of the plate is calculated wrong. 23)set up different administration authority and the corresponding password to safeguard the interests of managers

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Fangling Flmc-F2300B CNC Controller

Fangling Flmc-F2300B CNC Controller

Rs 39,997  / UnitGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Operation ModeAutomatic
Model: FLSK-F2300B, FLMC-F2300B Work Condition:

1) Working Temperature, 0℃~50℃. Relative Humidity, 5~95%.
2) Operation Voltage: DC +24V.
3) The controller should be installed in a cab which can provide protection from powder.
4) The controller would be better used in the situation without high voltage radiation.

1) Monitor: 10.4 inch 800*480, high definition 16 million colors and high brightness LCD
2) Memory: 64M SDRAM
3) Program space available for user: 256M electronic hard disk .
4) System master frequency: 400MHz
5) USB: USB 1.1 front interface, at least 16GB U disk supportable. Keyboard: electronic PCB foil keyboard Chassis: full-steel structure completely shielded which defends electromagnetic radiation, interference and static electricity

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Jp990Mdca-4 Axix Milling Cnc Controller

Jp990Mdca-4 Axix Milling Cnc Controller

Rs 45,444  / UnitGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit


• Number of control axes: 4 axes ( X Y Z A)
• Number of linkage axes: 4 axes ; Interpolation Axes: X Y Z A; Linear Interpolation: X Y Z A ; Arc Interpolation: 3 axes.
• Number of PLC control axes: 4 axes Feeding axes function
• Minimum command unit: 0.001mm
• Position command range: +/- 99999.999
• Max speed: 300 m/min ; Feeding speed:0.001-150m/min
• G00 rapid override: Total 8 levels: 0~150%,real-time adjusting
• Feeding override: Total 16 levels: 0~150%,real-time adjusting
• Spindle override: Total 16 levels: 5%~150%,real-time adjusting
• Interpolation mode: Interpolation of linear ,arc ,spiral and rigid tapping
• Auto chamfering Acceleration and deceleration function.
• Cutting feeding: Acceleration and deceleration
• Rapid traverse: Acceleration or deceleration
• Tapping
• The starting speed,finishing speed and time of acceleration and deceleration are set by

Spindle function

• Analog voltage 0~10V output in two channels ,support two-spindle control.
• Spindle encoder feedback in one channel,the resolution of spindle encoder can be set.
• Spindle speed: It is set by speed parameter,max spindle speed also coressponding to 10V.
• Spindle override: Total 16 levels: 5%~150%,real-time adjusting.
• Spindle constant surface speed control.
• Tapping cycle/ Ragid tapping Tool Function.
•Tool length compensation
• tool nose radius compensation (C type)
• Tool wearing compensation Precision compensation.
• Backlash compensation/Pitch error compensation in memory type

PLC function

• The refresh cycle: 8ms
• PLC program download by USB interface
• PLC program can be customized edited
• I/Os : 40*24 I/Os , 24*24 I/Os can be edit freely

• 8.4'' large screen real-color LCD , the resolution is 480 000
• Display in two-dimensional tool path
• Real-time clock Operation management
• Operate mode: Edit, Auto, Manual, MDI, mechanical zero return, MPG/single step, program zero-return
• Operation authority of multiple-level management
• Alarm record Edit program
• Program capacity: 32M
• Editing function: program/block/characters research ,rewriting and deleting
• Program format: ISO code,support Macro command programming,programming of relative coordinate ,absolute coordinate and hybrid coordinate
• Calling program: Support macro program ,subprogram Community function
• RS232: Files of part program can be transmitted
• USB: File operationand file directly processing in flash disk,support PLC programs,flash disk of software upgrade.

System operation condition

1) Power supplying

AC 220V(+10/-15), Frequency 50Hz±2%. power:≤ 200W.

Note: it must use isolation transform to supply power first input:380V

2) Climate condition

operation condition:temperature 0-45 degree,relative moisture 40-80%.

storage & transportation condition:temperature -40 ~ 55degree,relative moisture atmosphere pressure:86-106kpa.

3) operation environment :

No excessive flour dust, no acid, no alkali gas and explosive gas, no strong electromagnetic interference.

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